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Hi, I’m Patrick Danahey.


I’m a Berkshire-based entrepreneur, and creative, design enthusiast, and “impact hack

I Help people become more productive, focused, and aligned.


My Story

Let me tell you a story.. WAIT! my story isn’t ready, well it’s definitely ready, it’s happening right now, all the time pretty much, even while we sleep. I just haven’t written it yet. In the meantime, let me promote SOME INCREDIBLE sci-fi and Fantasy series, Expeditionary Forces, by Craig Alan, and The Land, by Aleron Kong.

Headlining Today..

Five LEssons Learned From a half-decade of Entrepreneurship

Always Invest In People 
People matter. Yea, I know, no shit. But when you start a business, it’s easy to fade into the background. To cut off your friends, your family - and get your first blog posts out, your products funnel up, your content marketing for the week finished. It’s easy to get pulled away from..

 What’s New

monthly Vlog update

I am working on a welcome video! In the meantime, checkout my interview with local founder of Dipitus and The SPOT, Jon Vella on R3SET Live. This was our fifth show in season one! 

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Moments in time are doorways

Moments in time are doorways

I was 12 year old lying on my back in a foreign country, on a dock, on an island, near the equator. The night was quiet. not the quiet of complete stillness, or lack of sound. But the quiet of a warm summer night, of ocean water rising and falling. I'll always...

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