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Hi, I’m Patrick Danahey.

I Design systems to help entrepreneurs and organizations become more productive, aligned, and impactful.

Experience Highlight – Over the past 8 years I have started multiple businesses and been involved in dozens community projects and collaborations. The one problem I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, community leaders, and purpose-driven organizations navigate and solve for the gap between a powerful vision, unrealized brought to life. I believe each of us possess the potential to transcend our circumstances and limiting beliefs to realize our dreams, if we are willing to learn, grow, and evolve. Having experience as a podcast content editor, a report writer, a product developer, a community innovator, and an operations officer, I bring a broad array of skills and capabilities to my work – I continue to look for opportunities to expand my toolbox and integrate what I do know across disciplines. I am heavily influenced by free thinkers, entrepreneurs, alternative/functional/holisitic health experts and practictioners, and more. In 2019, R3SET Agency, a marketing and consulting agency I cofounded and ran,  achieved 6 figures in revenue. I’ve specialized in building community products to incentivize collaboration and knowledge exchanges around fundamental challenges, as well as developed a number of internal products for businesses to utilize as part of their operational play book and service delivery. I thrive off of conversations with social innovators, systems thinkers, community leaders, if any of my gibber jabber resonates, lets connect! 

Looking to build connections and seed new opportunities  for growth, innovation, and impact. 

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